Guide-led trail:

Investigating Our Medieval Churches

We can understand more about a church through a close examination of its materials, plan and construction, as well as its signs, symbols and style, which can all reveal how the building was seen and used by the medieval citizens of Norwich. The three churches of St Peter Hungate, St Michael at Plea and St George Tombland, all within a couple of hundred yards of each other and all substantially rebuilt in the late middle ages, will reveal a wealth of detail that can contribute to our understanding. This tour will help us interpret the different features of church architecture and furnishings and equip us to approach these wonderful buildings with a practised and appreciative eye and help us to enjoy them better.

Tours take around 90mins.

*Please note: because Dr Summers is delivering this as a Norfolk Community Learning Services (NCLS) tutor, participants will be asked to complete a simple form to ensure funding makes this free for you.



Sat 29 April
10.30am | 1.30pm


Meet at St Peter Mancroft (near The Forum).




01603 611530


Bookings can be made from 10am on Saturday 29 April at the Flintspiration Hub at St Peter Mancroft church, or before the event by email to, or by calling 01603 611530. Booking in advance is recommended as numbers are limited. Please let us know your name; how many places you would like to book; the name, date and time of the trail you would like to book; and a contact telephone number.